Dark Conduits

So, what happens to the non-magical offspring of witches and sorcerers? 

Unworthy. Unwanted. Null.

Newborns are pushed into the mortal realm, raised to be Custodians. Their only job to protect the magical dimensions from the Human stain. 

Indigo Kane is a null, she’s always known it. The feelings of rage and rejection have shaped her from birth, moulded her into the young woman she is today. Now none of that matters, her obligation will be over in a matter of months and then she is on the first bus out of town…

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Last Guardian cover

Last Guardian

The Major Arcana, the ruling body of the magical world, want Chesterford to adopt a new Magister.

Indigo Kane is violently opposed to the notion. After all, they have a perfectly good one, even if he isn’t there with them right now.

She knows with every fibre of her being that Taine is alive; she just can’t explain how.

Indy wants him back and she will break every rule to make that happen, but first she has to get into the magical world.

Along the way she meets Were-beasts and Fae, handsome mages and Small Gods. Not all of them are friendly, and some would be happy to see her fail.

In order to succeed she is going to have to be a lot less Indy and play nice instead – a task that might be harder than bringing the Magister home.

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Gaming is everything and winning matters.

Cian Dade finally makes it big in the e-sport world and now finds himself having to deal with the consequences. Part of his prize is an internship with the world’s biggest game developer, a dream job at the best of times. The lure of earning more money than he could possibly spend in a lifetime should be enough, but Cian finds himself questioning everything.

In order to get answers, he delves into the dark web, and what he finds plunges him into a terrifying spiral. Penance, the game, is not what it seems, and Cian must fight to expose its secrets even if they will tear his family apart.

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Omega 5 (Book two of the Penance Arc)

Fire burns, but so does ice.

Penance is just a faint memory but now Cian is faced with other problems. Strange voices and a perfect creature who tells him she is his Integration Advocate. All alone, with Sophi as his guide, Cian is forced to read the doctrine of the crazed futurist Matthew Carlson. Each good deed is rewarded and each act of rebellion punished. Cian feels like he is walking a tightrope in order to survive. Using his mother’s wisdom as guidance he begins to notice things and seeks to solve the puzzles that are hidden in plain sight.

What is the significance of the Integration Advocates? 

Who else is captive in the facility, and what does he need to do in order to escape?

Along the way, he faces psychotic AI’s and learns the true purpose of zombies.

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Soul Code (Book three of the Penance Arc)

Memory is important. It is more than just the pictures in your head.

Cian finds there are alarming holes in his memories and the only thing that makes him feel better is Jen. She completes him, but right now she is acting weird and it is freaking him out.

Cian knows his life isn’t his own anymore, what with his interfering mother back on the scene, and a whole host of her shady friends demanding a slice of his time.
His only hope of escape is back in the world of games, where he can hunt rogue AIs. It starts off fine until he meets the other player. An enigmatic gamer who seems to be able to read his mind. The harder Cian plays, the more he seems to lose and that doesn’t sit well.

Who is this stranger who calls himself Simon?

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Young male face with gold makeup and title and author text

Warp of the Web

Where gods go then monsters must surely follow.

This has always been the way, but why would the ancient deities and their foes land in sunny old Brisbane town?

This mystery has never been answered and not for want of trying. What they wanted then they got there was plain to see, and begs the question, how many babies can a god beget on his Earthly sabbatical?

While the legacies swarm the monster-born cryptids cling to the shadows until one of the demi-gods is murdered.

Anastasia Weaver finds herself in the frame while her once crush, now mortal enemy chases her to the ends of the earth.

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