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Anita Pendreigh has always been a writer as evidenced by the mouldering pile of unpublished notebooks on the study floor.  Her only forays into the public domain come when she is required to publish school reports at the end of the term.  These literary masterpieces are a tribute to her inventive creativity and a wicked way with words.

Anita’s passion for education came after a successful career in the mining industry.  It was about this time that she realised that she wasn’t motivated by financial reward but by the desire to inspire young minds.  She has been able to integrate her passion for writing into the school culture and has founded ‘Word Nerds’, a collaborative, creative writing workshop for both junior and senior secondary students.  

Anita is a dedicated nerd, avid soccer Mum and passionate martial artist.  She spends her time reading, writing, cheering encouragingly, chopping things with sharp swords and drinking wine.  Although she seldom combines the last two.