Microfiction: Just an Ordinary Superhero

This prompt came from the totally amazing Simon Frost.

I love nights like tonight. The breeze is balmy but most importantly it is convention season, and crowds are flooding out of the Entertainment Centre. Cosplay comp is done and dusted, and a couple of hundred lycra clad fans are making their way home, or heading to the nearby bars. On nights like tonight I can remove my hood and walk amongst the mere mortals.

We move as one living organism across the bridge that spans the river, and I begin to pick up snatches of conversation from the crowd.

“Cosplay should be for everyone, but…”

“Lycra isn’t the most flattering of fabrics…”

“She’s rather plump to be playing Diamond Spectre.”

Look at her belly… perhaps spanx would have helped.”

Look at her belly. Sure, its softer than it was, but in my defense this body has brought two amazing children into the world.

My boys.

“She should have invested in a wig. Honestly!” the voice continues.

Yep, the roots are grey, but with the recent crime wave who has time to visit the salon for a touch up?

“And the glasses. Diamond Spectre wouldn’t be seen dead in spectacles. Remember the RoboKing arc? Volume two, the one on Earth 12.5, she opted for contact lenses rather than glasses.”

In the distance an alarm goes off and instinct kicks in. Once again I’m under the hood and sprinting through the crowds without jostling a single soul.  They see me of course and give a cheer of gratitude as I phase through solid concrete into the high-end jewellers shop. 

It takes 15.4 seconds to apprehend the robber and drop him at the feet of a nearby police officer. We pause for a selfie that he promises not to post on line.

“It’s possibly done with a wire and a crane.” The voice returns.

“Holographic FX.”

“Publicity stunt.”

“We might be in her movie.” Heads crane to spot the cameras. On the edge of the crowd, almost a whisper…

“Funny, she looks thinner.”

I launch a couple of smoke bombs to hide my retreat. If I hurry, I’ll be home for the school run.

Words: 352

Image by Cottonbro via Pexels