The power of social media – meeting Griffin Powell-Arcand

This is a post about social media.

Stay with me, it’s not what you think.

Cover of Dark Conduits

This post is a tribute to the amazing technological world we live in, and how it can be a force for good. A triumph of positivity over the negative.

Last year, just before I launched my debut novel, Dark Conduits – The Null. I found myself delving into one of my infrequent Netflix binges (don’t judge me, I just don’t have the time). I was searching for a series that kept popping up on my feed. You know, one of those pesky ads generated by the algorithm based on what the AI’s think you might like.

Well… this time they got it 100% right. I discovered Chambers on Netflix. I could talk about Chambers forever, but I’m prone to reveal spoilers, so maybe not.

Picture this…

The kids were in deep study mode which meant, undisturbed watching time for me. Yay!

I opened up the computer to watch this show.

I watched episode 1.

I watched it again.

Then I called my alpha reader ( the first person to see all of my work). I pointed, speechless, at the actor on the screen…

At this point I might add, Alpha knows me very well. She understands my writing process. She forgives the weird  conversations that I have with myself when I am deep in creation mode.

But this behaviour was something new. Alpha looked at me. Looked at the pointing finger and then the TV screen. In slow motion her hands went to her hips but her mouth looked like it was about to say ‘WHAT?’

This is what I heard…

“Oh shit! It’s Magister Taine!”

 Cue the tears. Someone else could see what I saw. I wasn’t going mad after all.

In that moment, Griffin Powell-Arcand – Canadian actor extraordinaire became a character that had lived inside my head for years. He quite literally walked out of my book and onto TV.

I found myself following and supporting Griffin’s career through various social media platforms, and was surprised to find that both he and his manager are amongst the most generous humans that I know. 

I went from Netflix viewer to fan in minutes, but I still couldn’t shake the idea that he was the Magister from my stories.

It was with great trepidation that I sent a copy of the book to him and posed the question, “Would Griffin be the Magister on the cover of the second book?”

I never expected to hear ‘YES!’

Book cover model – check.

Artist – ?

It’s funny how the world gives you what you need when you need it most. 

Enter Jamie Pruden an artist based in Edmonton. He was responsible for producing Griffin’s publicity material, some of which he shared on social media. I checked out his website and holy heck!!! Go and have a look at Jamie’s work. For those of you who know me, you’ll understand why this serendipitous moment was a match made in Facebook heaven.

Then 2020 happened.

So far this year I have edited my manuscript over face time and directed a photo shoot over Facebook  messenger, but this is the outcome.

A stunning portrayal of Magister Taine Hass by Griffin Powell-Arcand

The genius artwork of Jamie Pruden.

An amazing book cover and coming soon, the next instalment of the Nullborn Chronicles.

Stay tuned.

Feel the magic.

Last Guardian cover